Photo Industry Learning Program

Our Photo Industry Learning Program is designed for two kinds of learners:

  • Aspiring professional photographers

  • People working in roles adjacent to photography — such as hair stylists, makeup artists, set designers, producers, etc — who are interested in advancing their careers (and enriching their personal lives) by better understanding photography

Photo Lessons for Aspiring Photographers

Through a series of private lessons in the studio and on location, we’ll explore the world of professional photography. You’ll learn the essential skills you’ll need as a full-time professional photographer. You will learn about studio lighting and modifiers, understanding the tools and techniques to shape light to achieve your aesthetic goals. You will also learn how to tether with Lightroom and Capture One Pro, allowing you to see the results of your work immediately on the big screen. We’ll also talk about the business side: industry norms around promoting, licensing, and pricing your work. Many new photographers give their rights away, or accidentally price their work far below industry norms. Once you understand the power of licensing your work, you will have a tool for negotiating a successful and happy deal for every client and ensuring you get paid a fair rate for your efforts. We’ll also talk about the importance of working as an assistant in the industry for a period of time in order to gain exposure to a wide array of professional photographers and their practices Successful graduates from this program may also be considered for paid work as assistants with the studio. Typically these roles (whether for our studio or others) pay $250-400 for 10 hours of work, sometimes for several days at a time.

10 1-hour sessions

Tuition: $2,500

To book, email an introduction to

Photo Lessons for Industry Professionals

For industry professionals, we offer custom-tailored private lessons on a bartering basis. Please contact and outline what you’re interested in … we can cover anything from photography basics to the advanced topics above.