San Francisco Photography Lessons and Classes

Josh Robinson Studio offers premium photography lessons and workshops for three kinds of students: casual shooters, aspiring serious full-time professional photographers, and company teams. Hundreds of students have benefited from our experience on set for clients ranging from The New York Times to the North Face.

We start with important questions: why are you even taking pictures in the first place? What are you trying to communicate? What makes a “great photograph” great? From there, we start a step-by-step progression through the skills and settings that you need to master to make the most of your digital camera or smartphone. Our small group classes and individual lessons are tailored to help you develop your skills as a photographer and further your appreciation of photography as a communication medium and art form. We will also help you understand some of the expected financial costs related to pursuing digital photography at various levels of seriousness and what kind of equipment and software to buy or avoid to get the most from whatever camera budget you have at hand. Included in the price of your lesson or class, we will provide consultations to you over email and phone to help you figure out your next camera purchase.

For some lessons, we will shoot tethered to a computer so that you can clearly see and adjust the camera settings and see the resulting changes on the big screen. This will help develop your understanding of photographic principles much faster.

You will walk away from the first lesson or class with a profoundly different outlook on your potential as a photographer.

One-on-One Photography Lessons

Single lesson (120 minutes): $175

5-pack (5 120-minute lessons): $825

10-pack (10 120-minute lessons): $1,600

Small Group Classes (2 - 5 people)

Class - single (90 minutes): $120

5-pack: $550

10-pack: $1,000

Classes are scheduled during weekends based on student schedules and availability. You will be contacted after registration to schedule your class. Max size for classes is 5 students.